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Verellen - Back in the speed game!

It's no secret that we have a thing for Verellen around here. Discovering Verellen and getting to know them as people and as a brand prompted me to hang up my drafting board, close my interior design business, open BRUME and focus on finding great furniture to share with all of you. Given how much we have sold over the years, we hear that you like it too!

Since the beginning of the pandemic the most difficult hurdle with Verellen has been their production time line. Tom and Sabine Verellen have taken this very seriously and have made significant investments in improvements to their facility, their process and now, their fabric procurement!

There are now 100 of the most popular Verellen fabrics IN STOCK at the factory! that means production times closer to 8 - 12 weeks! No waiting for fabric to arrive expedites the entire process and means you can now consider Verellen for projects with a tighter turn around.

I love many of these fabrics! Here are photos of some of my favorites, and a link to the complete list. The new Spring 2024 fabrics are now listed on the Verellen website and the discontinued fabrics have been culled.

Download PDF • 63KB

Keep in mind all Verellen fabrics are available BY THE YARD, and their pricing is competetive to other brands that sell the very same fabric. The price list is in our TRADE DROPBOX for your midnight work convenience.... If you need a fresh linke please email and we will set you up.

If you haven't already come in to select your personalized capsule set of Verellen fabrics to have in your own library, please make an appointment with any of us and we are happy to either review them with you here at the showroom, or come to your office for you select your favorites.



Fondly, Renate and the team at Brume!

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