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High Point Market Spring 2024 : Alfonso Marina

Seemingly as different from Verellen as you can get is Alfonso Marina, but we have found over the years that these two collections share so much in common that they work together beautifully! From the classic Villiers Armoir, pictured below in a stunning green painted finish, to the brand new Lyon lamp, Alfonso is a way to bring the spirit of vintage to your project without the quality issues and costs of repair. The craftsmanship restores one's faith in humanity, and these makers are alive and well today in Mexico City.

Alfonso Marina is bringing back some of their classic pieces this season! In that vein we LOVED the XVIIth Century Dining Table. This can pair with modern chairs for an eclectic look, or something substantial for the heavy look necessary in a home with very tall ceilings. the distressing gives you a head start to create the one of a kind patina that will develop over time, eating around this table with people you love.

Each piece is made to order and adjusting the size to fit is generally not a problem.

Here are a few images from the factory in Mexico City. So few things are made in this way anymore, it's lovely to see techniques that have been around for many many years used to create such quality. I love seeing how people do what they do!

Our collection in the showroom in Georgetown is constantly evolving. Come see us!

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