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Founder Renate Ruby spent 20 years working as a designer and has been in the industry since 1988.


Renate founded Brume in 2018 to respond to a need for artisan crafted home furnishings.


As an artist, and designer herself, Renate appreciates the beauty of craftsmanship. She loves to learn and tell the stories of artists and craftsmen from furniture manufacturers, to great designers themselves. 

We believe in makers and designers at Brume, and our sister store, Adorn. 

Image by Emma Waleij


A Brume is a light fog, reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest and Northern European climates. We believe that the poetry, stories, and craftsmenship behind the piece are what make it beautiful. 


We are a knowledgeable resource for designers and design enthusiasts to resource and learn about fairly produced products with great workmanship. 


We work to empower interior designers and elevate what they do. We encourage clients to allow their designers to create whole compositions that are worth more than the sum of their parts.


We fuel a flourishing interior design industry that ethically and generously supports its suppliers, showrooms, designers, and end customers in order to sustain a thriving community.

Our mission is to cultivate an appreciation of well-crafted furnishings built by people who make a good living building it. We believe the first step in sustainability is to stop benefiting from poor people's labors.



We believe in people. We believe in beauty. We believe in community


We are committed to telling the stories of quality materials built by people that are treated fairly and make a comfortable living.


We are passionate about supporting designers and reimagining the value proposition they bring to consumers.

We invite consumers to hire a designer to take them on a journey beyond where they could dream of going alone


Finally, we strive to educate homeowners and design enthusiasts about the stories and techniques the products in their homes are made from.

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