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Spring 2024 - Verellen and more

Alex and I returned from High Point last week and wow! We have a lot to share!

As usual we began at Verellen. I love seeing it for the first time through the eyes of those I bring with me.

This is the Forest Sling Chair. It's the only thing I purchased this market and I love it. It is stylish, comfortable and I think, iconic.

The showroom was transformed completely from last market, however the green and neutral story continued from last market. Sabine blew me away with her textile choices and I can't wait to get the memos into the showroom to share with all of you.

And a few More taken by Alex. (she is a much better photographer than I am - love her POV!)

Come by Brume in Georgetown to see the quality and comfort of Verellen! We recommend calling ahead to let us know you are coming. 206.499.6220 - and select the extension for Alex, Elyse, Christine or Renate.

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