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Is Brume only for designers?

While our primary customers in the PNW are designers, we are happy to book appointments with retail customers with a clear vision of their needs. We can also help recommend trusted designers in the Seattle area if you need assistance in creating that vision. 

Does Brume offer interior design services?

Brume does not offer interior design services, but we do offer personal shopping services. We can sit down with you and help you find the right pieces for your home, so long as you have a vision. We will help you create floorplans, explain what dimensions and information we need from you, and give our opinion on what pieces will work best for your needs. If you need someone to take measurements in your home or create a full design plan for your home, we can recommend some great designers in the Seattle area to help you with that.

How do I purchase items from Brume?

If you would like to purchase an item from Brume, please call us at 206.499.6220, email us at, or set up an appointment through our online booking.

How are Brume and Adorn connected?


Brume and Adorn are under the same umbrella of Adorn LLC. Adorn is in Georgetown, specializing in decor and accessories for retail sales, and the designer Bespoke program. Brume is also in Georgetown, specializing in furnishings and upholstery. You can consult, purchase, or view product information for either store at either location. We can also streamline your purchasing and PO information to combine both.

What are your hours?

We are available for appointments M-S, please call to set one up today!

I see you are open by appointment, can I just drop by anytime?

You are welcome to stop by anytime you are in the neighborhood to browse.

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