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Luxury Carpets come to Seattle...

If you have worked with us at Brume before you know that we LOVE Amadi Carpets. We first found them in the Verellen showroom in North Carolina, and the two brands work so well together we had to bring them to Seattle as well.

We love to incorporate fine carpets into our projects for so many reasons, and there are no finer rugs than those from Amadi. Here are a few of the reasons we love this company so much.

1. Amadi Carpets are made by great people, with an amazing mission.

“You help empower one woman and you have empowered a whole family. You empower more than one woman and you have empowered a whole community,” explains Zubair Ahmadi, one of the company founders.

The Ahmadi family fled from Afganistan as refugees from the Soviet War. Since creating their life in America in West Hollywood, they’ve committed to creating generational change in Afganistan by empowering women in a country where 85% have no formal education and are illiterate. Read more about their mission.

2. Their carpets are some of the best quality in the world.

Hand-knotted in Afghanistan, these rugs are made from the the wool of sheep who live at the highest altitude in the world. They provide the longest, strongest and best quality wool for heirloom rugs. Their products are sustainable and durable art for your floors and are available in custom sizes and colors, and can be woven to order. Styles include antique, vintage, moroccan and more.

3. Our head of Sales, Bridgette Kingsbury has a long relationship with Amadi Carpets and has some of the most in depth rug knowledge in the city.

We have wanted more space to showcase these wonderful products we love for a long time.....and that brings us to our exciting news...

We've expanded!!!

Brume founder, Renate, has found a bigger and better space to showcase these beautiful rugs and more gorgeous pieces from Verellen (and some other lovely lines we will talk about another day).

The space is on Airport Way and is much bigger and already houses the furniture. Our Angelo location is now filled to bursting with gorgeous Amadi rug.

In September the rugs arrived, and They. Are. Beautiful.

In late October we loaded in a 6th palette of rugs for a total of over 150 rugs in stock!

Now that we have these rugs available at our fingertips, Bridgette is available for appointments to bring the rugs to your home or your clients' homes for personal showings or to show them at our space.

Call us to schedule an appointment to view Amadi rugs at our rug showroom with Bridgette as your personal rug consultant.

Our rug showroom, Amadi Carpets by Brume is located at 1200 S Angelo St Suite B, Seattle, WA 98108. We are open only by appointment.

While in the neighborhood, please visit our furnishings showroom, Brume, at 5527 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108.

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