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Alfonso Marina started out in 1971 as an artist devoted to handcrafting fine wood furniture. His goal has always been to offer the highest quality possible to discerning consumers.


A good eye with a strong personality to select the new members of the line is the key process to remain different and attractive.


Selecting and designing a product is a very personal activity, in this process, your cultural background, your professional experience, and your taste influence the response towards a particular piece. Being consistent with this process identifies a personality or a character that connects all the pieces in the collection.


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Our goal is to offer superior pieces with casual elegance, those that show harmony in design and proportion, not limiting to a certain period or provenance. 


The wood finishes of Alfonso Marina products require the skilled hand of highly trained artisans to produce the genuine feel of antique wood with its warm, distinctive patina. Alfonso Marina has also endeavored to keep traditional processes alive by painting pieces with decorative elements emphasizing the collection's character.

The ornamental fittings complementing many of the products are created in our own workshop, where pieces are forged from different metals, including iron, to produce appropriate fittings for a variety of authentic styles with a freedom of design. 


Alfonso Marina exports a high percentage of its products through showrooms aimed primarily at the design trade. In Mexico, he has an extraordinary 20,000 sq ft exhibition space offering a wide range of complementary products for interior design, including textiles, lighting, accessories, and art.

Once renowned for nearly perfect renditions of antiques, Alfonso Marina has grown to encompass a new and modern rendition of traditional wood furnishings. Alfonso himself has now retired, and his two daughters Isabel and Lucia have taken over the day-to-day operations of the firm. Isabel combines traditional elements from all over the world, with new and modern twists to create truly unique designs.

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