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Founder, Renate Ruby spent 20 years working as a designer and has been in the industry since 1988. 


Roisy grew up in the interior design industry, helping Renate, her step-mother sort fabric swatches and tagging along for color consultations from the age of 10.


As a teen, she helped to create and manage the Adorn e-commerce website while attending an early college start program and traveling the country playing roller derby. She then pursued a degree in Business with a dual focus in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington Foster School of Business while helping to scale Brume and Adorn.


She served as the head of Marketing and Development for Rat City Roller Derby while skating for their All-Star charter. After retiring from the sport she started a kombucha company, Boss Boocha.


While studying consumer behavior, Renate and Roisy began to reimagine the way that designers can structure their businesses and value propositions. The two then started the Valuing Design Project to document their thoughts. 

Now, Roisy works at Brume and Adorn full-time and continues to serve as the company's head of Marketing while additionally working with Bridgette in Designer Sales. In her free time, she spends time with her two tiny dogs, travels the world, and practices yoga.



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