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For more than two decades, Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury has been inspiring clients around the globe with its retro-chic character, opulent comfort, twists of overt sexiness, and the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.


By numerous international interior design projects and more recently by launching beautifully coordinated collections, with a growing number of partnerships and showrooms in his native Holland and throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, the MiddleEast, Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, and USA.


Now the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury exclusive world of coordinated textiles and bespoke furniture is available to the world’s premium architects and interior designers.

Eric Kuster Craftsmanship-181.jpg

More than 30 unique product lines make up the Eric Kuster furniture collection

characterized by generous proportions including very comfortable sofas, suites, and chaise longues; sculpted corner seats; inviting pouffes; luxuriant day beds; dining chairs; tables; beds and so much more. All are presented in a luxury brochure and in detailed tear sheets. Every piece is custom-made to fit a client’s wishes with no limits to what’s possible, from exaggerated sizes to exotic finishes. Delivered with speed and precision.

Matching perfectly with The Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury furniture collection, the fabric collection offers refined coordination as well as distinctive colors, shades,

weaves, textures, and finishes across curtains, cushions, upholstery, and loose covers.

There are more than 50 luxury product lines and more than 900 subtle earthy tones and luxury natural textures such as soft linens, smooth velvets, satins, canvas, pearlescent metallic sheers, and genuine leathers. All are delivered in cut-length service with speed and precision. For the architect’s interior design project, Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury offers an online sample swatch service. Textile finishes can be adapted to meet special requirements in contract projects. Also on offer is a coordinated collection of exquisite hand-knotted, hand-loomed, and tufted rugs in luxury qualities, made to measure.

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